Creatium is a small, professional business; as much as it is a hobby of mine.

Hi, Im John, and I am Creatium. I am the sole owner, operator, employee and problem solver to help YOU create what you are looking for. 

I have always been a fairly creative individual, and enjoy crafting that perfect something for family, friends and others.  I started learning to sew when I was young and my Mom taught me the basics of sewing to keep me entertained during those long, hot, summers in Arizona. This evolved into making small gifts for family, and later in life to costuming for my daughters. 

As those skills grew, I later found my self running a decent size teen program and looking for ways to fundraise for their projects. This took me into learning how to make t-shirts, and as more folks asked for different designs, learning a little more about graphic design was saving money and putting more profit into the teens. 

Today, I have a great deal of experience in design, costuming, apparel customization and solving creative needs.  If any of this is what you are looking for, drop me an email, describe your needs and Ill see if I can help. 




Naperville, IL

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