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Custom T-shirts

Your custom t-shirts are probably at the heart of why Creatium was started. 

Creatium has created shirts for family vacations, bachelorette parties, community organizations, and more. 

Creatium can create your custom shirt with no minimum order necessary.  We can do this because we offer more than one way to produce your garment. If you are looking for several garments, a family reunion for example, we will use a heat-transfer process which allows us to produce many garments for the lowest possible price. 

However, if you are looking for only a couple garments, we can explore the heat-transfer option with you; but will probably use a HT Vinyl process. This process allows us to plot/cut the material necessary for one or a few. 

As for your shirt design, Creatium can do that to! We work with you to design your art. Start with our Design Hints and get started.

One of our biggest questions is what does it cost? Unfortunately, that's a tough question. What type of shirt are you getting? Is your artwork one color, or more? How many are you getting?  We will work up a quote, and offer you the best price we can. 

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